Sustainability roundtable with Knauf AMF

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Upcircle were invited by Knauf AMF to a round table discussion focussing on sustainability in the construction industry, with a leading question of  ‘Is sustainable design and construction becoming better understood?’ Joined by 8 experts from the profession, Ophélia Gisquet represented Upcircle in the roundtable.

Sustainability – have we

missed the message?

Sustainability; one word comprising 14

letters and one significant meaning. A

definition we've all grown to familiarise

ourselves with. Whether it be opting

for sustainable components to achieve

that sought-after BREEAM 'Excellent'

accreditation, frantically chasing WELL

and LEED credits or even at home

reaching for that Bag for Life prior to your

weekly dash around the supermarket; in

a way, sustainability has subconsciously

attached itself to many of our lives –

regardless of your professional status.

That said, with such strong recognition,

how has sustainability managed to trickle

through the fingers of many within the

construction realm? Does it stem from

financial restraints? Time pressures?

Or is it construction chain matters

that have placed sustainability on the

backburner? With sustainability at the heart of the company, Knauff assembled a number

of sustainability experts during the first

week of October for a roundtable event

to address these issues and invited

FC&A along to deliver the discussion to

the rest of the industry.

The customer is always right?

Shikha Bhardwaj, Senior Environmental Consultant at ChapmanBDSP, stated that:

"Sustainability generally is understood as a 'checklist' or a race to the finish line to

achieve certification, however it is, personally, a mindset and a design approach." Bhardwaj

revealed that, in her experience, clients, and designers, often relate sustainability only to

certification and compliance and rarely to the building design itself. She went on to explain: "Some clients are passionate and more intrigued to explore the potential and long-term benefits of sustainable strategies, yet some are purely focused on achieving a high BREEAM certification. However, it’s our responsibility, to highlight the potential, possibilities and benefits of a sustainable design, rather than limiting our int