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ALBA PANEL: Made from waste yogurt pots

ALBA PANEL: Made from waste yogurt pots

One of Smile Plastics best sellers, Alba’s beauty and versatility make it a firm favourite. With its white, marble-like surface and hints of gold and silver, this is an elegant-looking material that suits a wide variety of applications.


And it’s not just easy on the eye: closer inspection of Alba’s surface reveals fragments of yoghurt labels or a glint of silver foil that draw us in and reveal the plastic’s unique recycling story.


Stats: Each panel is equivalent to 1000-5000 yoghurt pots.

Material: High Impact Polystyrene (post-consumer or post-industrial).

Properties: Hard, dense and rigid,  100% waterproof, rot-proof and strong weather resistance

Solid and consistent, allowing you to have a decorative edge, Moderate scratch resistance, and can be refinished, Can be heat-formed into shapes, Matt/planed finish, and can be polished, Can be machined, drilled, cut (router, CNC), water cut and fixed using adhesives and screws.

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