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HUNTED AND STUFFED: Vintage Silk Obi Cushions

HUNTED AND STUFFED: Vintage Silk Obi Cushions

These gorgeous luxury limited edition throw cushions are expertly remade from high class vintage Japanese silk obi belts (dating from the 1930's onwards) woven with auspicious symbols and motifs in silk and gilt threads.


Gorgeous mountain temples cushion in golds, greens and rust coloured metallic silk threads woven by the master silk weavers of the famous Nishijin district in Kyoto. The amazing vintage textiles are upcycled from a vintage Japanese Obi, used to tie Kimono, dating from the Mid-Showa period (over 40 years old) and are in excellent condition.


Every cushion has a history and are embelished with the most detailed fabrics. Filled with a British made luxury quality feather pad. Each cushion is hand made in the UK and comes with it's own foiled tag that details the date and origin of each beautiful textile.

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