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Living Room Sustainable design Upcircle


Concept Design 

CGI, 3D Modelisation

Layout optimisation

Design Consultancy 

House Fenouillet refurbishment - Toulouse, France

Fenouillet House is 130 sqm and is divided into 2 apartments. The client's request was to connect both apartments to create one large household and to refurbish the property in different stages as they required to live in the property during the refurbishment. 

Stage 1 moving on to the 1st floor while renovating the ground floor. Stage 2 moving on to the newly renovated ground floor and renting the 1st floor apartment during a few years. And finally, at stage 3, renovating the upper floor and connect both floors.  

The design was made considering the different functionality and usage through the different stages ensuring a smooth transition.

Ground Floor layout:  Before and After 
Dining room Sustainable design Upcircle
living room Sustainable design Upcircle
dining room Sustainable design Upcircle
1rst Floor layout:  Before and After 

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