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Upcircle is a sustainable multi-disciplined design studio, based in London comprising interior designers, architects, and graphic designers. The studio was formed by three partners with the same passion for innovative, inspiring and sophisticated design and thanks to their highly qualified and experienced team, Upcircle takes care of projects from the beginning to completion with two main values: Sustainability and Design Excellence.

We believe that a design project has the responsibility to respect the principles of
social, economic and ecological sustainability and take special concern in the choice of suppliers, manufacturers, makers and partners. The studio takes its inspiration from the Slow Design Movement, Upcycling and Circular Economy
Upcircle believes in the quality of design and service to draw your project in the shape of a valuable and positive impact towards the society.

Mercedes Alvarez-Fojo
Director and Head of Business Development


Mercedes has been working in the construction industry for over 20 years, specifying, supplying materials, providing product training and RIBA approved CPD’s. She has dealt with worldwide projects in South America, North America, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia, France, Norway, Finland and the UK. She was involved in well-known projects such as: The Nazi Museum in Berlin – Topography of Terror, James Dyson Hub (University of Cambridge), LeSoCo Phase 1 & 2, Warwick University, and The Tate Museum among many others.

Mercedes believes that the construction industry should evolve to become more efficient and sustainable; she strongly believes that this is achievable through innovation, drive and teamwork. Mercedes has a great interest and is in continuous search for sustainable materials and product developments that improve the wellbeing of the users while reducing carbon footprint.

Bibiana Farenzena
Director and Head of Design

Bibiana is a senior designer and illustrator with experience in the creative industry both in Brazil and Europe.


Her experience touched a range of projects including the Marks & Spencer gift cards, campaigns and website, Daily Mail app for tablets, Asos, Matches Fashion and TK Maxx digital campaigns, rebranding of Pai Skincare and branding, textile design and business management at Creative Philosophie.


She also worked in agencies such as Hogarth Wordwide, Brands2Life, Livity, Borne and Investis on many different clients accounts.


She has a hands-on approach that ensures a holistic design experience across every brand, with an entrepreneurial flair.


She believes that hard work, passion for sustainability, design and laughter can solve nearly anything. 

Borne-headshots-Sept21163063 1_2.jpg
Magdalena Rodriguez
Senior Architect


Fascinated by Architecture, as an Art at the same time as an essential element in human life, Magdalena likes to think about the individual who lives and works within the architectural space and the integration of the architecture into the urban environment; in summary, in people's happiness and their best habitability conditions.

UK ARB Registered and qualified Architect in Spain; based in London since 2013. She considers herself an open-minded person thanks to the life experiences she achieved in different countries.

Fernanda Brunoro
Senior Interior Designer

Fernanda is a consulant designer with solid experience on creative art direction, interior architecture, furniture and homeware decorative objects design. She is a very intuitive professional but all of her work is based on her vast achieved experience working around the globe for the hospitality & retail industry.


Over the past twenty years she have developed bespoke a holistic and forward-thinking strategy through understanding consumers’ lifestyles and anticipate their needs as part of her experience working in award-winning design/interior design offices such as Patricia Urquiola Studio, The Manser Practice and also in Zara Home (Inditex Group).

Luize Cidade
Architect and Interior Designer


Luize has been working as art director for audiovisual productions for the last 19 years. She has worked for clients such as Netflix, Ford,  Huggies as a set designer. visual merchandiser and architect. She has a passion for arts and a great eye for what is upcoming on trends and materials.

Clarissa San Pedro
Senior Graphic Designer

Clarissa is a graphic designer with experience in visual across different media both in Brazil and UK. She has been involved with the art direction and design for lifestyle, culture, and sports and customized publications and reports.


She has a Master in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins and her work explores visual content, storytelling and collaboration.


We believe that the principles of Circular Economy are the pillars for Upcircle to design the future, preserving and re-using materials and waste, as well as collaborating with other organisations to create joint value.

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