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This micro-home designed by Upcircle is entirely self-sufficient, meaning that it can supply energy and drink water independently, as well as processed food waste and wastewater.

The dimensions of the two levels can be pre-fabricated and transported by truck. It is also an adaptable house for various environment.

The design of this 25 m² home is rich in colour and personality. The colourful metal kitchen contrast with the natural wood wall and flooring. The layout is also adaptable:  at the end of the working day, the desk can then move up and free space in the living room, and the mezzanine bedroom can also be closed with a thick curtain to create more privacy. The optimisation of the layout offer freedom of movement and a real sensation of space, improving the well-being of the user.

View 4.png

The micro-home contains:

- Solar panels
- Energy storage system
- Windmill that produces up to 2kwh per day
- Hydropanel source
- Rainwater collection
- Insulation and structure
- Storage units
- Heat recovery ventilation
- Orbital system shower
- Anaerobic digester
- Pellet fuel boiler and heating system
- Low energy white goods
- Felt bag planter to plant outdoor vegetables
- Hydroponic suspended vegetables growing indoors
- Adaptable desk
- IOT system

It also has a mezzanine bedroom with a double bed, double-height in the lounge, full-height windows, bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen.

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