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Graphic Design


Posters Collection

Compilation of posters that have been submitted to design competitions, such as Secret 7 and Posterheroes.


Posterheroes is an international contest about social communication that calls for posters about social and environmental themes. Every year, Posterheroes invites designers to realize a poster about topics of social interest. Upcircle joined the competition with 3 entries, showing a very different approach to the brief. The latest edition (2020) is called Humans at work and is about future work scenarios and the role of dignified employment in the lives of individuals and in the sustainable development of society. 

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We are all connected

We are constantly connected to our devices – our mobiles are inseparable from us, our computers are our second home where we work, we keep all our precious information and data. The reality is that in technology, we are our data and, loving it or not, it generates personalised information, it helps us to work and it also connects us to each other. The network is a web of connections and we can’t avoid it anymore, technology took over our lives there’s no way out of it.


Working from home

We are currently experiencing a moment in history where the majority of people are having to work from their homes. This poster approaches the subject with humour, touching a subject that is so common at our present moment but it is still not approached as a challenge in people’s day to day life. Working from home can be seen as a positive experience, where you have more time to spend with your family and more time for yourself, but in reality working from home can be very disruptive and it can become a real challenge for some.  Most of us are not used to this situation and we are now facing the real challenges of it and having to deal with what we previously took for granted – being able to concentrate and work productively.

Alone together.jpg

Alone Together

We took inspiration from the constructivist Chinese propaganda posters. According to the political theories adhered to at the time, the State provided examples of correct behaviour and this would make people believe what was seen as proper. 

The illustration has the symbol of the web network as ‘god’ that we all follow. It is a criticism of the idea that thanks to the network we are never alone and we are always connected – something we all wish for. Although, it is a reality with its down sides - we are virtually connected but in reality we are still lonely and not only exist as individuals, but through our devices.


Secret 7

Secret 7” takes 7 tracks from 7 of the best-known musicians around and presses each one 100 times to 7” vinyl. Every year, designer and artists are invited to create artwork for the 7 tracks. The result is 700 unique records which are exhibited in London before being sold on a first come, first served basis. However, buyers don’t know who created the artwork or even which song it’s for, until they have parted with their cash.

Secret 7.jpg


The illustration is inspired by the subtle and touching melody of the London Grammar song - Help. The piano echoes create a dramatic element illustrated by the falling piano stairs, the sounds in the background evoke light rain drops, drops falling from the sky.


The composition symbolises a woman in distress through a storm, she is looking for help and rushing to escape this unstable environment. The colours represent melancholy but also hope with the sun raising from the back.

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