Installation for London Design Festival 2018 - The Eco Cube


As part of London Design Festival 2018, Upcircle Design Studio presented an immersive pavilion where the visitors discovered products from local artists and designers. The space was decorated and curated with products that follow sustainable values.

Imagine a better world. A place where people consume sustainable products, where resources are efficiently used, and where we all take the responsibility to reduce our wastage. It is a world better for business, people, the planet, for our loved ones, and for our future generations. We want this world; we need it too.

The Eco Cube urged to re-think what we consume before we use it, an improved set up for our projects, the pillar of our work: think sustainability. The Eco Cube presented examples of work produced by artist and designers from South London breathing sustainable values. It was a showcase of co-existence, co-working and co-living, the power of Brixton community.


The Eco Cube pavilion was an example of how beautiful creations can be achieved using renewable and recycling materials. The wall panelling had 43% recycled contents (Marmoleum). All materials used in the stand was re-used, recycled or up-cycled. The wood structure was used to build another Upcircle project for the same community, Pop Brixton. Even the metal fences were been borrowed from sponsors, and went back to a building site.

The principles of Circular Economy are the pillars for Upcircle to design the future, preserving and re-using materials and waste, as well as collaborating with other organizations to create joint value.

Laura Nelson | | Jewellery

Sophie Dulster | | Fashion

Ellie Laycock | | Homeware

David Degreef-Mounier | | Sculpture

Jo Gibbs | | Furniture

Jenny Espirito Santo | | Cork accessories

Lambeth Town Hall was the host of The Eco Cube on September 2018 during London Design Festival 2018.


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