Landscape Design

Furniture Design

Uplifting of Plymouth University courtyard

Upcircle was entrusted with the challenge of enhancing the existing design of the University courtyard.

The objective of our intervention was to uplift the main large courtyard of the campus to inject color and vegetation, to create a more welcoming atmosphere. 

Selection of perennial plants 

In collaboration with a landscape designer, Plandscape, we've selected perennial plants that look good all year long with a minimum of maintenance. 

We work on a composition to create a variation of high and foliage to create a dynamic and modern vegetation arrangement.

Each planter is equipped with an irrigation system environmentally friendly, 100% efficient, a subterranean and reservoir system. The system ensures that water and nutrients are delivered in the right quantity to the root of the tree or plants, resulting in improved root development and optimal growth. It reduces the need for frequency of watering and maintenance.

Inclusive designed furniture

We created different seating configurations and selected seating of various heights and shapes to encourage the use of the space by all user types. Some of the tables have been bespoke to be accessible for a wheelchair user. Moreover seating with or without arm and backrest has been installed. Everyone can find the seat and the configuration matching their needs. This design creates then zone favourable to socialise, work in a group, study alone or relax in one of the large bench bed and enjoy the sun.  

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