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a new approach to build and transform living spaces into sustainable solutions

What is upliving ?


It is a conscious sustainable interior design package designed by Upcircle. The aim is to create interiors that combine an excellent design with a sustainable approach, improving well-being while respecting the environment.


We took care of every aspect of the interior experience to create a strong concept for the market. It is suitable for built to rent, co-living, student accommodation and residential.

But why choosing upliving ?

Brochure Upliving_REVC3.jpg
“Everyone working in the built environment sector has a role to play in helping to achieve its radical transformation. Managing the balance of economic, social and environmental priorities requires a new way of thinking.“ - UK-GBC Ambitions for 2027
“The Energy embodied in furniture, fixtures and fit-out was found to be one of the most important elements of the cycle of a building, in energy terms“ - Embodied energy analysis of fixtures, fitting and furniture in office building
Brochure Upliving_REVC4.jpg
Brochure Upliving_REVC5.jpg
“89% of housing consumers said that an energy-efficient home would be more attractive to buy or rent” - Low Carbon Living’s EnergyFit Homes project
“The lending departments of
banks have been more active than any other banking department. Banks have increasingly recognised the importance of sustainability in protecting against obsolescence and value loss.“
Green buildings: what are the financial benefits for investors? - M&G Real Estate
Brochure Upliving_REVC6.jpg

upliving works through a design process:

Brochure Upliving_REVC10.jpg

upliving look and feel

How can we help you?

Design consultancy

If your project is already on going, we can review the existing interior design scheme to create a sustainable interior design package, following the initial design intent and the budget allowance.

Interior Design

We take care of the project from beginning to completion using the upliving design process, using our two main values: Sustainability and Design Excellence.

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