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Refurbishment of University of West England courtyards

Upcircle was entrusted with the challenge of enhancing the existing design of the University courtyards at an affordable cost.

To reduce waste, Upcircle decided to renovate the floor finishes by an intense cleaning and design supplement elements with reclaimed wood. By using hardware paint on floors and walls, it improved the way-finding, creating a strong visual impact. Windows manifestations brought life to grey areas creating environments that students appreciate to be around and it's a memorable point of the University. All the selected furniture are manufactured by suppliers with high sustainable values, as Bristol Wood Recycling and Vestre furniture.

The resulting design concept has been created following 3 mains axes: sustainability, low cost, and strong visual impact.

Windows manifestations and Vestre furniture

The design of windows manifestations has contrasting colours and bold shapes to brighten up the current areas of the floor and landscape.

Bloc chairs and a table for the sunbench enhance this popular range of furniture from Vestre, The steel details are hot-dip galvanised and designed for long-term use.

Bristol Wood Recycling


The furniture for Courtyard 2 is designed by Upcircle and made by Bristol Wood Recycling Project using upcycled scaffolding planks. BWRP are a not-for-profit Social Enterprise that since 2004 has saved almost four and half thousand tons of wood from decaying in landfill, in turn providing Bristol's trade, domestic, creative and alternative communities a fantastic resource of affordable, salvaged timber.

Perfectly imperfect

Upcircle prioritise the value of the maker’s hand and celebrate the idiosyncrasies of things imperfect and ageing, raised by our action to tailored, meaningful and innovative concepts.

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