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Pop Brixton winter transformation

Upcircle has completed another "Eco project" at the heart of Brixton.


Pop Brixton is a lively community space emerged from a disused land into a creative space for local, independent businesses. The space hosts restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and it's a icon of Brixton, in London.

Upcircle was the winner of a competition to design the winter transformation of Pop Brixton. The theme proposed was the Viking Longhouse: a communal space where the community comes to shelter, eat, drink and tell stories.  The brief also stated that the design should implement a series of activations around the Pop Brixton site as soft seating, tables and a 'firepit' which was designed using lighting, wood and webbing.

Upcircle takes inspiration on the Circular Economy to design and produce it's projects and we upcycle and recycle as much as possible. On this project, we used the webbing and the wood from a installation for the London Design Festival 2018 - The Eco Cube. The soft seating was made using coffee sacks and we also managed to re-use the current furniture on site, just refurbishing it and giving it a new look.This is a proof that with the right mindset it is possible to minimize waste and still achieve a result that is desired by the client.


Upcircle collaborated with Bread Collective that designed and produced all the flags that were made of felt and were hand sewed.

The flag symbols are going to be used on Pop Brixton visual identity and website.


The wood and webbing used on the installation The Eco Cube for London Design Festival 2018, was re-used at Pop Brixton site on curtains, seating, stools and firepit.


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