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Creativity in the age of Coronavirus

People from all over the world have been more creative than ever, cooking their best dishes, composing songs, creating videos, writing poetry, singing and playing on balconies... we are using our creativity to relief stress, to connect with others and to bring fun into our lives on a tough moment in history.

After all, the most important thing is keep positive and stay safe for the sake of us all.

Brooklyn-based visual artist and author Oliver Jeffers stressed the importance of helping each other during the Covid-19 pandemic. In his illustration, the globe wears a surgical mask as it floats above the words:

"Now more than ever think 'we' not 'me'. This virus doesn't care about your passport or your bank balance," he captioned the post. "It can affect any of us. But hopefully not all of us if we act in unison to defeat it. Be safe. Be sensible. Be sensitive. One in, all in."

So, how can we all respond creatively to this current situation in order to ideally emerge stronger?

At Upcircle, we use our experience in branding, graphic, digital and interior design to help and improve business performance. Here are a ideas that can help your business thrive in this tough times:

Branding and stationary: Rebrand or develop your visual identity.

Website: Add key information and incorporate tools to sell online.

Digital brochure: Sell your company through case studies.

Social media: Create a social media plan for you to stand out in the crowd.

Events: Design your next marketing event and make it better than ever.

Or maybe you'd like to improve your home?

There's never been a better time for it! We do consultancy design and can work with your budget to make your place look the way you want. And on top of that, we can produce a fully sustainable design.


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