Tikamoon use only natural, environmentally friendly materials, to minimise the impact of production and transportation and to maximise the lifespan of the products.


Tikamoon was created in Lille by a small team with an enterprising spirit. From the start, they wanted to manage all the links in the chain so that we could offer our customers high-quality and long-lasting furniture at the best possible prices.


They have an eco-friendly grade on each product, and customers can have the transparency to know how sustainable is each product. For a product to have the fully sustainable standards, the eco-criteria is:

1 Solid wood: Biological material, high recyclability, energy saving

2 No composite materials: No MDF, no particle board

3 Resource saving: Design minimises waste and maximises reuse of offcuts

4 Traditional assembly: Furniture hand assembled by cabinet-makers, creating products that are robust and long lasting

5 High repairability: Longevity is guaranteed due to the oease of renovation of solid wood and the availability or replacement parts

6 FSC wood: Responsible and sustainable forest management: biodiversity, social and economic benefit