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Hera Design in Austria

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Upcircle went to Austria to check out the production of Hera Design

Wood, water and magnesite are the principal components of HERADESIGN® acoustic panels – so they have a completely neutral biological footprint. HERADESIGN®’s magnesite bonded wood wool panels are natural products and so ideal for modern lifestyles. The acoustic panels can last more than 80 years in buildings. Should it one day be necessary: magnesite bonded wood wool panels can be disposed of easily or recycled.

By using high-quality raw materials and innovative production technologies, HERADESIGN® wood wool acoustic tiles offer a multitude of design possibilities and applications. Thanks to their outstanding sound absorption, as well as the use of sustainable materials and technologies, this acoustic solution make a major contribution to the improvement of the ambience of a room. They increase well-being and, as a result, improve concentration, efficiency and performance.

We had a wonderful time around Ljubljana and Triglav National Park in Slovenia as well as in Austria. Thanks Knauf AMF for the great trip.


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